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OnStar Go

The Industry's First Cognitive Mobility Assistant. The Cognitive Mobility Platform is a data-driven operating system that injects human wisdom and interoperability into the driving experience. Fueled by structured and unstructured data sources the platform acts as a second smart engine that understands, learns and reasons allowing you to interact using touch and natural language making the vehicle a more indispensable part of human life. The platform introduces the time shifting skills of precognition, foresight, total recall and anticipation transforming every moment spent in the vehicle. Whether being reminded to pick up prescription on the route home, a mile before you pass the exit. Or giving commuters personalized eco-conscious fueling tips that guide you to a pump where you can pay without cash or credit card. Or enlightening the road trip with news, entertainment, and history, tailored to their route in real time. Every skill that is brought to the platform is an opportunity for brands to help you eat, shop, work, play and prosper on the move - faster, safer, and in a more personalized way. See More: https://www.behance.net/gallery/44537815/OnStar-Go-Cognitive-Mobility-Platform-Design


General Motors




Global Chief Creative Officer / Product Design

Skill: Find A Restaurant – Watson Personality Insights


Skill: Virtual Drive-Thru: Order Ahead & Curbside Pick Up


Conversational Commerce Design for Mobile
Cognitive Mobility Platform - Connected Car
Connected Car Platform

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